Appendix 2 - Service Level Agreement 

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets out the standards of hardware and software infrastructure availability agreed herein, by Wolters Kluwer Norge AS (“Wolters Kluwer”) and Customer (“Customer”). Each of Wolters Kluwer and Customer are referred to as a “Party” and together the “Parties”.  

 1. Scope of SLA 

Customer has entered into an Agreement with Wolters Kluwer regarding provision of Services. This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) shall apply for the following Services.  

- Capego
- finsit

The Services listed in section 1.1. are within this SLA referred to as “SLA Services”.  

2. Definitions 

In this SLA the terms and expressions have the respective meaning ascribed to them elsewhere in the Agreement.   

3. Customer obligations 

  1. Customer shall upon request from Wolters Kluwer appoint one individual with suitable training and experience as its contact person (“Technical Contact”) responsible for all communication of technical matters with Wolters Kluwer. Customer shall provide contact information for the Technical Contact to Wolters Kluwer.  
  2. The Technical Contact shall have suitable training and experience and shall be authorized and entitled to represent Customer in all matters concerning technical matters related, directly or indirectly, to the SLA Services.  
  3. The appointment of the Technical Contact is subject to the approval of Wolters Kluwer, not to be unreasonably withheld. Wolters Kluwer may suspend or withdraw its approval if the Technical Contact is reasonably deemed unfit by Wolters Kluwer. 
  4. Customer shall promptly and without delay notify Wolters Kluwer in writing in event of any changes or updates regarding the contact details for the Technical Contact. 
  5. For avoidance of doubt, Wolters Kluwer’s dialogue with Technical Contact shall be limited to Wolters Kluwer’s performance according to this SLA. Customer’s appointment of Technical Contact shall in no way affect the Customer’s obligations according to the Agreement, including but not limited to Customer’s responsibility of provision of training, customization or management of support.   

4. Availability  

  1. Wolter Kluwer shall endeavor to make the SLA Services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week except for maintenance and improvement work, any downtime caused by Customer preventing Wolters Kluwer from performing maintenance and/or improvement tasks, unavailability of the Technical Contact, restart of the SLA Services or what is otherwise not within the responsibility of Wolters Kluwer according to the Agreement. 
  2. Wolters Kluwer shall when performing maintenance or improvement work, if appropriate, perform such work outside of office hours or otherwise aim to limit the impact on Customer.  
  3. If an Error is submitted to Wolters Kluwer, an initial severity assessment to determine the impact on Customer shall be made by Wolters Kluwer.