Capego Årsoppgjør - Teknisk informasjon / Technical information

Capego Årsoppgjør consists of a client application and a cloud based data storage


Client application

The Capego client is a Microsoft ClickOnce application that requires minimal user interaction when installing.

  • The client is automatically installed in the user's Windows profile and provides a start-up icon on the user's Desktop. 
  • The download is approximately 500MB in size and the setup file can be found here: Download Capego client (installs Visual C++ 2013)
    Alternative setup without Visual C++: Here
  • Capego automatically checks for new program versions on start-up and installs updates if available.
  • Alternatively, it is possible to perform a single installation of Capego in a multi user environment (see below: Capego - Terminal Server Solution).

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 10 or Windows 11 (Windows Server 2016 or newer)

  • The operating system must be updated with the latest Windows updates
  • 1GB of disk space per user profile (does not apply to Terminal Server Solution)
  • Web browser: Microsoft Edge (Webview2)
  • Minimum .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (x86/x64) (Automatically installed if not already present)
  • Norwegian date/time format on the user's Windows profile

Terminal Server Solution

This tool is a Windows Service that works in background mode.

  • The purpose of this tool is to provide a way to install Capego application without ClickOnce technology limits. It uses an existing ClickOnce server side infrastructure and provides a client side implementation that is able to install the application in a custom folder.
  • With this type of setup, in order to update Capego smoothly on a terminal server environment, no user should be running Capego at that time.
  • Capego usually updates once or twice a month, with occasional hotfixes in between. There are two ways to handle Capego update, which customer IT can decide for themselves:
    • Automate start/stop state of the service by using Task Scheduler on the machine hosting this solution. Example could be having it start nightly at midnight, and stopping it again at 1 am. This way, new Capego versions will be downloaded every night in case a new version has been published.
    • Manually start the service during a service window (e.g. once every Saturday).


For more information and for downloading the updater service, see the "readme" description in the link: Download Capego Terminal Server Solution